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Frequently Asked Questions

 01 What are the benefits of having multiple locations?

Businesses can take advantage of an extended network of virtual office locations. Intelligent Office has the infrastructure to create opportunity. Find out how.

When we refer to our virtual office network, we’re referring to the 60 Intelligent Office locations across the United States and Canada. Many businesses use a single virtual office location as a home for their business operations. When you’re a member of Intelligent Office at one location, you’re a member at every location. Here’s how you can take advantage of our expansive network.

Prospect and Client Meetings

For businesses or professionals that operate on a national or even statewide scale, access to multiple virtual office locations allows them to meet with prospects and customers who are located throughout the country.

For example, legal professionals must meet with clients on a regular basis and even more often when a trial is approaching. If a legal professional based in northern Virgina, has a case with clients located in anywhere else in the greater DC metro area, the attorney would be able to meet in any of the eight Intelligent Office locations. This would allow them to more efficiently meet with their client, prepare for trial, and cooperate with the court.

Enhance Business Image

Developing businesses must cultivate an image that projects professionalism, competence, and ultimately, success. The Intelligent Office network of virtual office locations provides practical tools for creating this image, including a professional staff, executive offices, and fully equipped conference rooms. But it also provides a boost of credibility in the form of a virtual address. When a developing business is trying to establish itself as a serious player, showing business in prestigious cities across the country shows prospects the broad scope of your services. As an example, envision your website touting your company’s international presence in New York, Florida, and Ontario!

Conferences and Industry Events

Trade shows and industry conferences are great opportunities for business owners and team members to learn new skills and technologies, but they’re also prime for expanding professional networks and securing new business.

A network of virtual office locations provides access to a workspace no matter where an event takes you. If you’re a business owner, this allows you to take care of day-to-day operations apart from the hustle and bustle of a conference environment. You also can plan a small event of your own or simply meet with a prospect using on-demand office space or conference rooms.  

Expand Service Area

If your business is experiencing significant growth, it might be time to expand your service area. The Intelligent Office network allows you to secure a professional mailing address for and local area code phone number answered by geographically knowledgeable receptionists for your new business location without the long-term and expensive commitment that often comes with commercial real estate and traditional staff. Intelligent Office virtual offices are located in Class A buildings, which means your business will be based in a premium facility at a prestigious address. When your business is ready to grow, Intelligent Office can jumpstart the process with locations and communication services across the country.




 02 What to expect in a virtual office environment?

Virtual office environments can vary widely. Intelligent Office creates a comfortable, professional office environment that fosters business success. Find out more.

Our clients often wonder what type of virtual office environment they’ll will be walking into when they opt to use our virtual office services. Some virtual office providers are nothing more than a few empty desks and a Wi-Fi password, but Intelligent Office locations pride themselves on providing a premium office experience where professionals can thrive. Here’s what to expect.

Intelligent Office is friendly. As you walk through the doors, you’re greeted by our staff – a consistent, welcoming presence that always makes clients and guests comfortable. You’re offered coffee, tea, or water, while guests are welcome to wait in a furnished waiting room. Intelligent Office locations are warm and inclusive – not stuffy and sterile.

Intelligent Office is professional. Perhaps most of all, Intelligent Office is a professional environment. That starts with the location. Intelligent Office locations are in the best neighborhoods and buildings in their market. The office itself is tastefully designed with modern furniture and décor – a setting where you wouldn’t hesitate to host.

The office environment is also practical, outfitted with the latest business technology and equipment. From copiers and printers to video conferencing software and more, the only thing you’ll need to bring is your laptop. Intelligent Office isn’t a temporary space, but instead a home to grow your business.

Intelligent Office is secure. Every Intelligent Office is located in a Class A building, which indicates first-class building security. In addition to that, Intelligent Office building suites are protected by at least four motion-sensor cameras that record 24 hours a day. All mailboxes are lit 24 hours a day, and access cards are only granted to staff and clients.

Intelligent Office is collaborative. Shared offices and coworking spaces are great resources for clients who prefer an open working environment. These arrangements allow for networking opportunities with like-minded peers. This can lead to new business opportunities, business partners, fresh ideas, and even friends.

Intelligent Office is consistent. Virtual office companies can vary widely from one location to the next. But the Intelligent Office network is dedicated to providing a consistent experience no matter where your office is located. When traveling for business, you can be sure that the Intelligent Office that you walk into is held to the same high standards as the Intelligent Office in your neighborhood.

Intelligent Office is local. With more than 60 locations across the United States and Canada, the Intelligent Office network has considerable reach. But every Intelligent Office location is staffed with employees from your cities and neighborhoods, and those employees bring their local touch to your business. Our virtual receptionists and assistants aren’t answering phones in a different time zone – they’re right there at your local office – trained to become a true extension of your team.

If you have any questions about our virtual office environment, we’re happy to talk. Contact the Intelligent Office location in your neighborhood today!




 03 Can I personalize my executive office space?

Rented office space often feels cold and unwelcoming. Intelligent Office allows members to personalize their executive office spaces. Find out how this helps performance.

Renting office space can sometimes feel impersonal – like a temporary solution rather than a permanent home for your business. Intelligent Office gives its members space to be themselves and take ownership of their office environment. This is especially true for members renting executive office suites. For as long as you rent the space, you’re able to make it your own. Here are a few ways that personalizing your space can even boost job performance.

Start and maintain a routine. Many professionals start their day with a routine. Whether it’s eating the same breakfast or clearing their inbox every morning, an established routine keeps you organized and focused. Complicating this routine can throw your entire day off – limiting productivity and causing stress.

Part of the routine involves your work setting. Renting an executive office suite at Intelligent Office gives members a consistent environment that allows you to stay in your groove.

Build confidence in a professional setting. Intelligent Office is designed to be a true home for members and their businesses. That means decorating your desk with personal memorabilia, setting up equipment, organizing drawers, growing a plant – whatever it is that makes you feel comfortable*.

When you’re able to personalize your executive office space, you’re able to showcase your personality and the things most important to you. That breeds confidence, and confidence breeds success.

Take a break to reenergize. While an executive office suite is a place to get business done, it’s also a place to reset. Interacting with clients, giving presentations, responding to an endless stream of emails – all of it can be mentally and emotionally draining.

When you’re able to come “home” to your personalized executive office, it can give you a much-needed break. Whether it’s looking at family photos or listening to music, you can reenergize in the privacy of your own office.

Close the deal with prospects. Hosting prospects and clients can be nerve-wracking, especially if your home office or rented office space isn’t a true professional setting. Executive office space with Intelligent Office provides the executive setting that you need to set the tone.

From first-class reception services to tastefully furnished waiting rooms and suites, Intelligent Office has the polish to legitimize your business. And a personalized office suite ensures it won’t be confused for anything but the business executive’s.

For more information on executive office space at Intelligent Office, contact the location nearest you!

*All personal office items are subject to review by Intelligent Office. No wall signage is allowed.




 04 What is a virtual office membership?

Virtual office membership can mean a lot of things. At Intelligent Office, it means providing a reliable, valuable office experience at a premium price. Find out how!

Virtual office services vary widely in their quality. Where some are disconnected pop-up shops, Intelligent Office strives to deliver a consistent, professional experience at every location across the country. It’s why we consider the businesses we work with to be members. When you’re a member at one Intelligent Office, you’re a member at every Intelligent Office. What does that mean exactly? Let’s take a look.

Premium Pricing

Intelligent Office offers a variety of virtual office services. From basic office space to virtual assistants, you can select the services that are the right fit for you or your business. You only pay for the services that you need, and you’re free to drop or pick up any of our services at any time. While some these services are ongoing, other services, such as meeting rooms, are one-time purchases. As a member of Intelligent Office, you receive premium pricing on these one-time purchases as well as added services. You can mix and match services until you find the best value.

Professional Environment

Not every Intelligent Office location looks exactly alike, but no matter the aesthetics, the high standard of service is consistent throughout the network. That means when you walk into any of the 60+ locations across the country, you can be sure that you:

  • Have access to a Class A building

  • Will be welcomed by a professional staff

  • Have access to modern business equipment

  • Will be comfortable hosting clients and prospects


The Intelligent Office experience is consistent and reliable. Not only does that familiarity mean that you can work efficiently, but it also limits stress if you’re in an unfamiliar city. 

Expanded Possibilities

A virtual office membership with Intelligent Office gives your business the practical tools for business growth. Office space, virtual assistant services, phone answeringexecutive offices, and more – all provide big-business infrastructure for developing businesses. But a virtual office membership is more than practical – it’s aspirational.

That’s because the network of Intelligent Office locations provides a launching pad for expanding your business.


 05 Can a virtual office improve business reputation?

Your business home can make or break your reputation. Intelligent Office provides a premium office experience that will improve your business reputation. Find out how online!

Many business owners are concerned that using a virtual office could damage their business’s reputation. Those concerns are valid as the quality of virtual office solutions varies widely throughout the industry. But if you’re choosing the right virtual office company, it’s actually quite the opposite. A virtual office can improve your business reputation. Let’s take a look at a scenario that shows what we mean.


Peter and his family are moving to the Nashville area and need a real estate agent to help find a home. As he scans an online list of agents in the area, he spots your real estate business. Peter searches your office address and notices that it’s located downtown in one of the premier neighborhoods in the city.

Peter calls your office and is greeted quickly and professionally by a virtual assistant. Peter’s information is recorded and passed along to you directly through email. Your virtual assistant texts you, as you’ve directed, to let you know that Peter and his family are looking to make a quick decision. Understanding the urgency, you call Peter to set up a meeting at your Intelligent Office location.

Peter arrives at your location, a Class A building in the heart of downtown Nashville. He uses the visitor parking and makes his way up to the Intelligent Office suite. As he arrives, he’s warmly greeted by office receptionists, who offer him coffee or tea while they notify you of Peter’s arrival.

You welcome Peter and direct him to a meeting room equipped with all of the amenities of a modern office: whiteboards, projectors, conference-ready phones, and more. After a brief introduction, Peter asks how you’re able to afford a full office space in this location. You don’t hesitate to tell him that it’s a virtual office, which allows you to pay for only the services you need. For you, that means coworking space, meeting rooms, and virtual assistant services without the commitment of a long-term commercial lease.

You go on to tell Peter how you got into contact with him – how the Intelligent Office staff has become a local extension of your team – a strategy for business growth. You mention that you’re planning to extend your presence to your hometown of Dallas, where you’ll use the network of Intelligent Office locations to find new business.

Peter says he met with another local agent the day before at their home office. He says he never felt comfortable and thanks you for providing a more professional meeting venue.

As the meeting progresses, Peter feels secure that he’s working with someone with business savvy – someone he can trust to get him the best deal possible.


Intelligent Office is a premium office experience that not only provides a professional environment for your clients and prospects – it also showcases your business acumen. Find a location near you to improve your business reputation.

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